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boek 'drie eeuwen T.van Duijvendijk's Scheepswerf te Lekkerkerk'

auteur-uitgever: Michiel J. Emmery                      15 perspublicaties

For a large variety of 'T. van Duijvendijk' ships currently still sailing,

original technical drawings of construction and parts are provided by:

Michiel J. Emmery

Planetenlaan 26

NL - 5694 TR Son en Breugel

The Netherlands

phone / sms: +31620726094

mail: [email protected]

C.o.C. : 58364579

V.A.T. : NL143339692B01

IBAN : NL77ABNA0532758870

With accredited access to carefully preserved archives, Michiel Emmery supplies technical drawings of original construction.

Ship repairing yards, spareparts manufacturers, parts traders and ship owners are kindly invited to inquire by contacting:

phone / sms: +31620726094

mail: [email protected]